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Boz, Drew, and Gracie learn how to creatively use their God-given imaginations to dream of wonderful ways to play, explore and even help others! This DVD has 3 12-minute episodes and 11 songs. Episode 1 “What If?”: One little question can open up a whole big world of exploring new ways to show that we can help others. Episode 2 “Look in a Book!”: Stories jump to life as Boz and the twins enjoy an exciting day reading and helping Grammie B in the library. Episode 3 “What Do You See?”: In God’s world of endless possibilities, a box isn’t just a box if you make believe it’s part of a great adventure! Running time: Approximately 45 minutes.

Boz, The Green Bear Next Door, is a whimsical, musical bear who joyfully explores God’s world with his friends and neighbors. This faith-based, early preschool DVD series from Exclaim Entertainment has been developed by founders Jon Green and Dennis DeShazer, co-creator of Barney � the Dinosaur. Each DVD includes three 11-13 minute episodes and two interstitial songs/music videos that reinforce the themes. Also, each DVD closes with a recap of the lesson by Boz himself and a prayer offered by the twins, Drew and Gracie, thanking God for the discoveries of the day. Recommended for ages 2 to 6.

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